December 2014

December 8-12, 2014

The Sussex-Santa Cruz Digital Media Exchange is a two-year faculty and post-graduate exchange involving visits from the University of Sussex, UK, to the University of California, Santa Cruz, and back.

Sussex Visitors to UCSC

Sally Jane Norman ­
Andrew Duff ­
Paul McConnell­
Cecile Chevalier
Ryan Burns

Daily Schedule:

Monday, Dec 8:
9am – 12pm, Digital Arts Research Center Building (DARC), Room 206:
Roundtable discussion and mutual introductions

12pm – 2pm, DARC 206:
Catered lunch – Mexican food from off campus

2pm – 3pm, E2 180:
Talk – Ben Schneiderman, Human-Computer Interaction Professor at U. of Maryland
“Information Visualization for Knowledge Discovery: Big Insights from Big Data”

Details –

“Interactive information visualization tools provide researchers with remarkable capabilities to support discovery from Big Data resources. Users can begin with an overview, zoom in on areas of interest, filter out unwanted items, and then click for details-on-demand. The Big Data initiatives and commercial success stories such as Spotfire and Tableau, plus widespread use by prominent sites such as the New York Times have made visualization a key technology. The central theme is the integration of statistics with visualization to support user discovery.  Our work focuses on temporal event sequences such as found in electronic health records (, and social network data such a twitter discussion patterns ( The talk closes with 8 Golden Rules for Big Data.”

4pm – 6pm, Humanities Building 1, Room 210:
Talk – Franco “Bifo” Berardi, Theorist of digital media and capitalism

“Social Morphogenesis: The Historical Transition from Revolution to Disentanglement”

Details –

“The subject of this lecture comes from the recent experience of the Occupy movement against financial capitalism, with a special emphasis on the European experience. It investigates the political and conceptual limits of these movements, and their inability to put an end to the financial aggression. Focusing on the main actors of the Occupy process – the precarious cognitive workers, embodying the Marx’s concept of “general intellect” – the lecture will seek to grasp the possibilities that this social force has brought about.”

Tuesday, Dec 9:

10am – 12pm, meet in DARC 206:
Visit undergraduate and graduate courses in digital media and related topics. Led by Andrea Steves, DANM Graduate Student.

– Fundamentals of Digital Media Production (Faculty – Warren Sack)

Communications Building, Room 011 (downstairs).
Visitors are welcome anytime during the class meeting.

– Other classes TBD.

12pm – 2pm, DARC 206:
Catered lunch – UC Catering

2pm – 5pm, Meet in DARC 108:
Studio and laboratory visits, campus tour. Guided by Nathan Ober, DANM Graduate Student. After the tour, Nathan drops the Sussex folks off at DARC 108 for the Division Xmas Party.

6pm – 8pm, DARC 108:
Talk – Scott Nazarian, Executive Creative Director, Frog Design

“Building a Better Starship”

“This presentation embarks upon a poetic thought experiment (suspending for a moment the more intractable human issues within our immediate sphere) in which we explore the essential tenets of a design challenge the scale and complexity of which the world has not yet seen: the design of a starship capable of interstellar travel. With very little meditation on the technical challenges this may pose, the presentation narrative focuses on the necessary evolution of human enterprise, including economy, governance and infrastructure that might be necessary for the actualization of such a proposal.”

Wednesday, Dec 10:

9am – 12pm, DARC 108:
Presentations by Sussex visitors

12pm – 2pm, DARC 206:
Catered lunch – Zameen lunch truck

2pm – 5pm, Meet in 206
Presentations by UCSC faculty and students

Moderator: Michael Chemers

2:00 Michael Chemers
2:20 Warren Sack
2:45 Wes Modes (available 2:00-3:00)
3:00 Questions, discussion, wiggle-room
3:10 Squinky Kiai (available 3:00 on)
3:30 Allie Riggs (available 3:30-5:00)
4:45 Break
4:15 Andrea Steves (available 4:00 on)
4:30  Questions, discussion, wiggle-room
4:45 David Harris (available 4:45 on)

4 – 5:30, Oakes College:
Science and Justice Center cocktail hour (optional)

Thursday, Dec 11:

FREE DAY –  Enjoy the Bay Area! Just come back for dinner.

4:30 – 9pm, Sandy Stone’s house, 326 Pelton Avenue Santa Cruz, CA 95060

Friday, Dec 12:

12pm – 1pm, DARC 206:
Catered Lunch – sandwiches from off campus

1pm – 4pm, UCSC Art Dept and DARC, various locations:
Fall 2014 Open Studios

The aim of the exchange is to develop links between research cultures in the Schools of Media Film and Music and that of Informatics at University of Sussex, and the Art Department, Film and Digital Media Department, and DANM MFA Program at UC Santa Cruz. The overall objective is to develop a durable partnership through postgraduate student and faculty mobility, and enhance theory and practice in computational and digital media researc

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